Administration Jobs


Common  Misconception – Anyone can do this job.

Administrative jobs are not for everyone. They range from Administrative Assistants to Office Managers, Accounts Clerk to Document Controllers. Some companies use Office Managers to manage the operations while there are some which employs operation executives as well.

A Lot of Administrative Opportunities

To say the least, jobs in administration can be very fulfilling. You will be required to handle important documents and is often the first line of customer service. Not everyone can handle such jobs as it involves answering calls, signing off documents and even posting of letters at times.


In most cases, anyone with at least a diploma in administration or other disciplines can apply for a job in Administration. There are some very specialized courses like degrees in office administration, information sciences and such which can help you get a job in these areas. Anyone with any qualification can usually apply for a job in this area as a lot can be learned from the job.

Salary Range

This depends largely on your qualifications. If you start from the first level with an SPM, you can expect a starting salary of around RM1,800.00 per month. This will gradually grow and could be up to RM6,000.00 per month when you reach the managerial level.