Advertising Jobs


Common  Misconception – Highly paid people who socializes all the time

The advertising industry is often seen as a high-flying sector. It is the place to see and be seen. If you like to mingle with the communication gurus, the big brands and the media circle, this is one career you must consider. Jobs in advertising however are not all sugar-coated because it involves many hours of hard work and relentless pitching.

Meet people and create networks

There are a lot of different jobs in advertising. You can choose to be an Accounts Manager that handles clients for your agency or you can be part of the media team involved planning and execution. In order to carry out your tasks successfully, you need to be creative and innovative as you are required to provide advice to your clients on these matters.


A first degree in Mass Communications will be required. In this fast-paced industry, having a diploma might get you into doors but you will have to really lucky if the agency is able to train you. Other majors in mass communications like journalism, public relations and such will be advantageous as well.

Salary Range

Coming in with a first degree, you can expect to earn about RM2,000.00 per month. If you are good, you will be headhunted very quickly and your salary will double exponentially quite quickly.