Jobs in Education


Common  Misconception – Easy and low pressured jobs

The education sector does not only entail teaching. In fact, it is quite a dynamic industry that provides you with a lot of job opportunities that include administration, marketing and logistics. This is because the education sector today is a lot more competitive than it has ever been.

Teaching, Educating and so much more

You are not limited only to teaching if you enter this industry. However, if you are passionate about education, then your specialization is very crucial. Hence, you will need to be good in your discipline but you need to be a good storyteller as well.


The rule of thumb in teaching is that you must be at least 1 level higher than the one you are teaching in. As degrees become more common, it is just normal that you will be required to have a doctorate in your area of specialization.

Salary Range

The basic qualification to teach is a first degree but you should have at least a master in your field. If you are entering this career as a fresh graduate, you can expect to earn at least RM3,000.00 per month. This will be a lot more if you have working experience or previously taught in another institution in a similar level.