Jobs in Human Resources


Common  Misconception – Boring and desk-bound jobs

A career in human resources is one which you will deal with people. This means it must be something you like to do. This is very different from meeting people like clients or customers. Human resources is the department in charge of training, hire and fire and anything else that deals with the employees of a company.

Not the easiest jobs around

It might sound easy on paper, but a job in HR is really very difficult because you are dealing with people to handle their issues. This includes hiring people, firing them and even sending warning letters if required. Besides that, you will deal with employees of every level to work out training programmes, remunerations and other day-to-day issues.


A job in human resource requires you to be very specialized. As such, you should have a degree in HR which is recognized by the government of Malaysia. It is not the most popular of courses but it surely has its perks.

Salary Range

A HR executive who joins the work force as a fresh graduate will be able to earn a monthly salary of about RM2,000.00 per month and this will be grow in terms of increment and annual review as you progress.