Jobs in Media


Common Misconception – These jobs are always in the limelight

It is very common for people to misunderstand that a job in media is always in front of the television or radio. In fact, behind every good looking newscaster is a team of people working relentlessly to bring the best to the audience.

Limitless opportunities in media

Depending on what you like and where your interests are, there are actually a lot of areas that you can work in media. This includes television, radio, print and others. You can be a scriptwriter, a broadcaster, a make-up artist, a videographer, cameraman or even a logistics planner. The most important factor is to be passionate about what you do.


You will need to have a first degree in media studies in order to seek employment in this industry. Besides that, there are more specialized qualifications like broadcasting, journalism and such which you could use to chart a career in this.

Starting Salary

The starting salary for the jobs in media varies according to which area you are in. It can range from RM1,800.00 per month and could go up to RM3,500.00 per month even if you are a fresh graduate depending on which area of media you are in.