Jobs in Sales


Common  Misconception – All are salesmen

There is usually a lot of misconception about working in sales. The society tends to label people in sales as ‘salesmen’ which can be very negative. In fact, a career in sales can be very fulfilling but it is must be something you are passionate about before you venture into this industry.

Unlimited Income Possibilities

Jobs in sales can be very lucrative. Most of the positions are commission-based which means that you earn a lower basic salary with an attractive commission scheme. This usually serves as a great motivator to your job.


To chart a career in sales, you actually need a basic degree in any discipline while Business Administration can be very advantages. However, there are some companies who are willing to train those without a degree and a minimum SPM to do well.

Salary Range

As mentioned, you will start with a low basic salary. The incentive scheme meanwhile will be a lot more attractive. In most cases, you will be given travelling allowances, entertainment and communications allowances on top of your commission.

What makes this job so exciting is that once you have the skills to sell well, you become very ‘demanded’ because this is a skill which is quite difficult to find among fresh graduates.